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Hi, I’m Tom

I help startups grow

Combining strategic marketing skills with hands-on experience founding businesses.

Less like an agency or freelancer, more like
a co-founder.


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Research & strategy

Understanding who we are speaking to, where we can reach them and why they should listen to us. I'll build a go-to market strategy, including customer personas, channel strategy and an execution plan.


Launching marketing campaigns and generating leads. I'll help you to build a growth team and manage campaigns across paid and organic channels.


1-on-1 coaching to help you create a marketing strategy or launch your own growth campaign. I'll be your growth wing man.


Improving and testing your messaging can unlock sales opportunities. I can polish your copy on landing pages, sales emails and ads.

Content writing

When your blog starts to rank, your sales pages share in the glory. I'll work with you on content strategy; write blogs, articles, newsletters, promo video scripts - or anything else you can think of.


Tom has been a key member of the team as we launched and rapidly experimented with different marketing approaches.

Kinson Lo


Tom created a custom 1-on-1 coaching program to help me kickstart my own growth marketing campaigns for my agency.

Siebe Van Dijck



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